Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It has been awhile since I posted the happenings of our lives of 8. Things have been busy around here. If you follow facebook you are kept up to date on most of the exciting things there, but here it is in a nutshell.

Of course there was the 4th with all the happenings with that weekend. Of which we are still recovering! Since it was a holiday, this is where alot of excitments happen for us. The Friday before the 4th, our son Alex went into the doctors for what we thought was a broken toe. It wasn't, but we are glad that we went in. When the doctor started looking at his toe, he thought it might be a bug bite that got infected. After a closer look he decides that it might be a broken toe. So off for x-rays they go, and as for the findings...

There in his pinkie toe, there is a piece of metal needle. We were shocked! The doctor preceeded to make a cut and find the needle. So a cut, a small game of "hide and seek", and 2 stitches later he was doing much better.

Then as of right now 4 out of the 8 of us have gotten strep throat...now do you see why I love holidays? We had strep for Thanksgiving, Valentines, and noe 4th of July. YUCK!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

So I really do have a lot of catching up to do but if I don't write this one up I may forget when I look at pictures on the camera, because they will be just the suburban sitting in the driveway.

So we were on the way home from school when the twins asked if we could go to Grandmas house. I said, "let's go home and have lunch and then we can go up." We get home and make grilled cheese sandwiches and Isaac wasn't eating as fast as the boys so they went outside to wait. I didn't know they had taken the keys with them.

I get Isaac's lunch boxed up with a sippy cup as well as his clothes for the day, yes I get him dressed after his morning nap. With everything in my hands, I walk out the door and that is where the DUH moments starts. As I walked out the door, all I could do is stop and stare down the driveway as my suburban slowly made its way down to the street. The driveway slopes a little at first and gets steeper as it goes down. After the moment of shock wore off, I was able to put my things down, run to the car, open the door, shove the kid out of the seat, and make the flying leap in so that I could stop the runaway car. Now the miracle of this moment is, that the car doors lock as soon as the car is past reverse. So it was no small miracle that the door was unlocked so that I could get in and stop the car.

My legs have been nothing short of shaking for the rest of the day. Hopefully I scared the little boy(William) enough that he won't ever think of doing that again, at least until he is 16.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Birth: 9 pound 4 ounces 21 inches

I can't believe where the last year has gone!! Isaac turned 1 on 3.3.10 and it has been a good year!! Isaac is truly a joy to have around and loves to be outside. He went to the doctor on March 4 for his check-up and here is the comparison to his birth weight and height.

1st Birthday: 22 pounds 13 ounces 30 inches

He has grown really well. As for the other things about Isaac- he crawled at 5 months and walked and 10.5 months, and has 7 teeth. He loves to eat and play outside. In fact if the door gets opened and he doesn't get out that door you better plug those ears because he will scream. We went to the park the other day and climbed the stairs, headed for the slide, got down on his tummy and went down all by himself head first. Then he turned around a climbed all the way up the slide and did it again. He is FEARLESS!! I can't wait to see what this next year brings for Isaac and us.

Monday, January 25, 2010

So life has been a little busy around here lately...not really but it is always a good excuse right. Let me start with the most exciting news of all, my baby is walking!! I know I can hardly believe it myself where did that time go?? At 10.5 months Isaac is walking almost everywhere. I will admit he isn't 100% stable, but he is pretty good. He will only crawl when he wants to get somewhere faster than what he can walk. I am trying to get some pictures but I haven't accomplished that one yet :)

So this last weekend Jason was cooking dinner for me and the kids because I was off doing something else and he just decided to take it and run with it even though he wasn't going to eat it(spahetti, something he can't have). When all of a sudden he is screaming and yelling in pain. Apparently, when he drained the noodles all of the hot water went over the edge of the collendar and landed on the top of his foot. Luckliy, a trip to Target in a snowstorm got us through and all is mending well. Sorry no pictures of this because Jason is not one for pictures.

Now just for some littler things that are happening. Brinley is excitedly preparing for the school spelling bee on Friday, she was a finalist from her class and is spending lots of extra time with a list of words up and through the 8th grade...we wish her lots of luck!! Now onto Kyler. Kyler turned 8 this last October and we can honestly say I have never seen a kid so excited to be a scout!! Jason is Club Master so I don't know if that adds to it, or if it is just the "scout" title. Every January they hold the "Pinewood Derby" and my son is no exception to the excitement that comes with building the car. We can hardly contain the excitement and I will post pictures of that event come Thursday. Bryson is well Bryson...nothing but trouble with a capital "T", and the twins are right there behind him in everything he does.

I have been running everyday. It is going alot slower than I remember it taking, but I am loving the time I have for myself. Somedays I just don't get there( my mom's house), and wish I had a treadmill of my own so I could do it when Isaac is napping. But I have given myself plenty of training time and I think I will be ready for the half-marathon in plenty of time. Just a little update of the things happening in our lives.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Well it is here. The new year....2010. Can you believe it? I really can't! It has been a wonderful year. Some exciting moments...and some less excting moments. But overall it has been a great year. I wish all of you a wonderful year with many fun things to come.
Christmas was fun with lots of presents, messes, and parties too. With favorite presents ranging from Madame Alexander Doll for Brinley, Leapster2's for the 3 middle boys (Bryson, William, and Alexander), Remote Control Wall-E for Kyler, and a pushing/riding car for Isaac, that the kids fight over whose turn it is to push him. It has all come to an end as yesterday it was all put away. Hopefully, now as the kids are back in school, things will get back to normal... Hooray. Now to the New Year's Resoulutions. I think I have really overdone it, but I am hoping to stick it out. My goal for this year is to get back in shape with running and Pilates. I am hoping to finish out this goal with running a Half-Marathon in August. I am beginning to feel the weight of this decision. Seeing as I haven't ran is many years, and I have yet to start. But I am going to keep at it, and hopefully I will make it.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Finally we move onto Bryson. Bryson has felt very left out lately. Everyone is losing teeth in his class and school and he hasn't lost any....until now. Last week Bryson came inside with an apple in his mouth saying that he had a loose tooth. I didn't believe because up until that moment he hadn't said anything. But sure enough because within 30 seconds of being home the tooth was out. To make this story even better the second tooth became loose the next day and he lost that one as well.

Now in our family we like to say that in order for the baby to cut teeth someone has to loose some teeth and Bryson provided his teeth so that Isaac could have his two bottom teeth. One was a little late, but, better late than never.

So this next update starts with Isaac and well...
Teething on a pumpkin. Isaac cut his first tooth the weekend of the 16th of October, the day of Kyler's birthday party. But we worked though it, and everything turned out great other the EXHAUSTION! So yes he found a pumpkin that had been cleaned out and was ready to be carved and started chewing away on it.