Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It has been awhile since I posted the happenings of our lives of 8. Things have been busy around here. If you follow facebook you are kept up to date on most of the exciting things there, but here it is in a nutshell.

Of course there was the 4th with all the happenings with that weekend. Of which we are still recovering! Since it was a holiday, this is where alot of excitments happen for us. The Friday before the 4th, our son Alex went into the doctors for what we thought was a broken toe. It wasn't, but we are glad that we went in. When the doctor started looking at his toe, he thought it might be a bug bite that got infected. After a closer look he decides that it might be a broken toe. So off for x-rays they go, and as for the findings...

There in his pinkie toe, there is a piece of metal needle. We were shocked! The doctor preceeded to make a cut and find the needle. So a cut, a small game of "hide and seek", and 2 stitches later he was doing much better.

Then as of right now 4 out of the 8 of us have gotten strep throat...now do you see why I love holidays? We had strep for Thanksgiving, Valentines, and noe 4th of July. YUCK!!

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